Building with healthy materials is crucial for human health and the health of the environment. At Integrated Eco Strategy, we are advocates for the Living Building Challenge (LBC) approach to healthy materials. LBC requires that project teams learn what the contents of all building materials/products are and avoid the worst-in-class chemical families. By doing this work, project team members become advocates for changing the market to increase the availability of healthy building materials.

An LBC project cannot use lead, PVC, neoprene, and 22 other worst-in-class chemical families commonly found in building materials. LEED had already proven that green building certification systems can change the market. LBC can improve upon LEED’s success exponentially but it needs the momentum of more projects to have a meaningful impact.

LBC materials compliance work is complicated, expensive, time consuming and lonely. Integrated Eco Strategy developed a tool to make this work:

easier for the novice;
faster for all; and
less expensive.

Red2Green is a product library as well as a methodology for determining a product or material’s LBC compliance. Definitions, guidance and vetting tips will help you with this complicated work. Manufacturing contacts and advocacy templates will increase your speed. Red2Green will organize your materials research and make vetting documentation easier for auditors to understand.

The more people that use Red2Green, the more products we will all have information on, thus increasing the chance that manufacturers pay attention to our demand for toxin-free building materials.

Read TESTIMONIALS from people who have worked on the platform.

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