Making buildings even greener: Integrated Eco Strategy develops online tool to aid in green building construction

by Tony Dobrowolski

Photo credit: Gillian Jones, The Berkshire Eagle

Integrated Eco Strategy recently launched Red2Green, a new healthy building materials selection tool that is modeled after the requirements of the Living Building Challenge, a green certification program and design framework developed by the nonprofit International Living Future Institute of Seattle.

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Getting to Yes: Winning and Making Your Next Project Net-Zero, LBC, or ?

Living Future unConference / Seattle WA / May 19, 2017

Charley Stevenson, Principal, Integrated Eco Strategy
Bill Maclay, Principal, Maclay Architects
Bungane Mehlomakulu, Principal, Integral Group

“We know how to create Living Buildings that are healthy, responsible, beautiful and long-lasting. We know how to design and construct net zero buildings that are sound investments. So why aren’t clients demanding these? How can we convince clients that net-zero and Living Building Challenge buildings are in their best interest? This interactive dialogue extends beyond technical skills and provides insight into the marketing conversations that can make these projects commonplace. Three building industry leaders will share lessons learned and their experiences developing project goals with clients through the pursuit of these high performing buildings. ”


One of our Healthy Building Materials Specialists wrote this piece to answer the question. Here is a description of material vetting work – a knight’s tale if you will:

In a field that is constantly changing, no two correspondences are the same. There are a host of factors that influence the vetting process. Manufacturers’ familiarity with Living Building Challenge (LBC) requirements, their level of skepticism towards green building, and the stringency of proprietary confidentiality are just a few of the aspects that color a vetter’s interaction with the maker of a potential LBC product, not to mention the fact that an individual’s workload dictates where on a priority list filling out a never-before-seen Integrated Eco Strategy disclosure form falls. (more…)